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Current Elected Officials

Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison Mayor

Patrick Heck, District 2 Alder

Lindsay Lemmer, District 3 Alder

Shiva Bidar, District 5 Alder

Marsha Rummel, District 6 Alder

Max Prestigiacomo, District 8 Alder

Arvina Martin, District 11 Alder

Tag Evers, District 13 Alder

Sarah Smith, District 24 County Board Supervisor

Carousel Bayrd, District 8 County Board Supervisor

Yogesh Chawla, District 6 County Board Supervisor

Heidi Wegleitner, District 2 County Board Supervisor

Carolyn Clow, Village of McFarland Trustee

Joe Maldonado, District 1 Fitchburg Alder

Kelda Roys, District 26 State Senator

Melissa Agard, District 16 State Senator

Jimmy Anderson, District 47 State Assembly Rep

Sheila Stubbs, District 77 State Assembly Rep

Ali Mudrow, Vice President of MMSD Board of Education

Ananda Mirilli, MMSD Board of Education Member

Savion Castro, Treasurer of MMSD Board of Education 

Former Elected Officials

Denise DeMarb, District 16 Alder

George Gillis, Dane County Board Supervisor & Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin 

Greg Markle, District 15 Alder

Mike Ellestad, District 16 Alder

Brian Benford, District 12 Alder

Johnny Winston Jr., MMSD Board of Education Member & Madison Fire Department Fire Chief 

Dave De Felice, District 16 County Board Supervisor

Notable Community Leaders & Activists

Linda Ketcham, City-County Homeless Issues Committee Co-Chair 

Lilada Gee, Founder & President of Defending Black Girlhood

Sabrina Madison, Founder of The Progress Center for Black Women

Shawn Matson, MMSD Teacher & Anti-Racist Activist

John Smallwood, AFSCME State Director

Steven Verburg, District 16 Resident &

Retired WI State Journal Journalist

Kalvin Barrett, Criminal Justice Studies Educator & 

Law Enforcement Instructor

Jacob Wright, District 16 Resident & Activist

Organizations & Groups

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County Board Supervisor, Sarah Smith

"I'm proud to support Jael Currie for Madison City Council. Jael's dedication to the east side is clear and I am confident that she has the talent and thoughtfulness to serve our community well."

"I'm thrilled to support Jael Currie for Common Council! Madison needs Jael's knowledge, experience, and passion to help us address the many challenges we face, especially the skills she brings as the YWCA's housing director. She is by far the best candidate for the job -- please join me and many other progressive leaders in supporting Jael Currie." 

KHR headshot (1).jpg

WI State Senator,

Kelda Roys


County Board Supervisor, Carousel Bayrd

"Jael would be an excellent Madison Alder. Her leadership as the Housing Director at YWCA Madison is outstanding, and no one else has her experience in tackling the hard issues of affordable housing. She is not only knowledgeable and passionate, but she is compassionate and collaborative-- she knows how to work through the red tape to improve the lives of everyone in Madison."

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